Canada’s most populated province has been in the midst of a Teachers Union dispute since November

By Joshua Weigert
Feb 17, 2020
(Image Header: Teachers participating in rolling strikes across the province of Ontario. Source – Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Chances are, you haven’t heard about the Ontario teacher’s strike. Why would you have? Unless you live in the province of Ontario or actively search for Canadian provincial news, public sector strikes within a Canadian province doesn’t receive national or international coverage. However in this particular case, it should be reported on internationally. The ongoing union dispute highlights the power of large public unions and their bully-like mentality. This strike highlights how most governments can frivolously spend taxpayer dollars to appease public unions. It should provide thought and reflection about where all of your taxpayer dollars are going and which individuals are benefiting.

By Joshua Weigert
February 9th, 2020
(Image Header: Gregory Timm, 27, was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, after allegedly deliberately driving a van into a tent full of Trump supporters on Feb. 8, 2020. Source – Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)

On Saturday February 8th, 2020, a man was arrested for driving his van into a tent of Trump supporters in Florida. These Trump supporters were registering new voters for the upcoming 2020 Presidential election at a small shopping center plaza in Duval County.