In 2007, I started a small blog on Tumblr called “PROOF” Of Existence. In that blog, I focused on “Things you do not talk about at the dinner table.” Specifically, this meant “Politics” and “Religion.”

As I progressed through college, I discovered there was a need for a space to discuss these and “Other Offensive Facts” of life. After some time, I closed the Tumblr blog and moved to facebook, covering daily news to deeper philosophical issues. My daily commentary became people’s go-to news source on my personal page.

In 2017, I recreated the blog on a facebook page and started from the ground up. With few viral posts and the addition of two contributors, the blog grew to 10,000 followers.

This is the reborn version of that blog. The blogs will be more thorough, more thoughtful, conservative, real, reason-based, critical, balanced and as a result – longer than normal. Short form commentary can be found on Facebook at Facebook.com/proventrue

I hope you enjoy our content. Most importantly, I hope we can pass on understanding through Truth, Wisdom and Humility. We hope we can live up to our motto of Clear, Reasoned, Conservatism.


Ken Gulley, Founder