Robb Elementary Massacre: Timeline of Events

I wanted to give you guys the most conclusive information on the “delayed” police response to the Uvalde school massacre at Robb Elementary.

First, let me start by saying that calling it a “shooting” and the killer a “shooter” is unhelpful. A guy at a range with paper targets is also a “shooter” and he should not have the same title as this monster. He is a mass murderer and he used a gun to do it.

Second, I do not want this to sound like an excuse and I will try to be as objective as possible. Anytime multiple agencies respond to an incident and improvise, there is chaos. Unlike fire departments that practice incident command – police tends to play along with neighboring city agencies in rare occasions and federal agencies are even more rare… to expect all the information at a rushed press conference to be 100% correct is foolish for both the media and the agencies themselves. There is a ton of mess to sort through here especially with a typically unhelpful and unfriendly Federal bureaucracy involved. Not to mention off duty responders going rogue (understandably so).

Third, there was lot of BS excuses and horrible answers from Uvalde PD regarding this horrific situation at the press conferences. Nothing good can be said about it. They definitely tried talking before having all the answers rather than being honest and saying they did not know – but it’s also not helpful to compound bad information. People seem to be hammering home information THEY prefer to be the truth depending on where THEY prefer to spend their anger.

We should ALL make sure to be clear that our primary anger should be directed at the evildoer in this sickening affair… not the gun, not the lack of school security, not the cops. The murderer. We can work together on strengthening the other areas where we need.

Uvalde’s PDs dont deserve a break here (outside perhaps the two that were shot trying early on…) but I know plenty of people who bank their credit on standing by the truth, who now have made it a determined effort to dog pile on specific socio-political positions that are very unclear (for better or worse).

Whether that is current/former cops finding excuses for police action or social commentators pointing their fingers where they wish.

Subjectivity has died here because its so easy to be emotional about the issue – as it should be because 19 kids are dead – but we cannot then fault the Left for being uber emotional about looking to snatch guns away.


Just after 11 AM – SR (the murderer whose name is abbreviated – so he does not receive the fame and attention he desires from this diabolical act). Shoots his grandmother in the face. Neighbors call 911 for a police response.

11:27 AM – A school teacher props open a door of the school allowing access to the outside. No known reason at this time.

11:28 – SR crashes his pickup which he fled the scene of his home with after shooting his grandmother. Two men at the funeral home nearby run to check on the crash and notice SR exiting with a rifle and bag of ammo. SR shoots on them causing them to run away and call PD.

11:30 – School teacher calls PD to report a man with a gun nearby the school.

11:31 – PD responding to funeral home as SR starts shooting at School from parking lot. SR then ducks behind a school building. PD responds to the school, now dealing with 3 active scenes, apparently speeding toward a subject believed to be the suspect but turns out to be a teacher.

11:32 – SR shoots at school buildings and makes his way to the propped door.

11:33 – SR enters the school, shooting into class rooms 111 & 112.

11:35 – 3 cops enter into open door that SR entered into. 4 more cops enter shortly thereafter. Two of these police officers are wounded during a shootout with SR.

11:37 – 16 more shots fired (unknown by whom) as SR barricades himself into a classroom. Sergeant is on scene. Officer (7 in total) are evacuating adjacent classrooms, tending wounded (self), and now stalled by barricade.

Between 11:37 – 12:03 – Multiple calls from students are coming into dispatch. 19 officers now on scene from mutual aid and various agencies.

From what we know from later press conferences, the School District Chief made a call to treat the incident as a barricade rather than active shooter/rescue during this portion of the incident.

12:03 – Student (female) calls PD saying she is in class 112, whispering information. She calls again at 12:10, 12:13, and 12:16 stating multiple are dead and 8-9 students are still alive.

*** Important to note that there is no active gun battle or gunshots heard at this time ***

12:10 – US Marshalls arrive on scene with other federal partners.

12:15 – US Border Patrol BORTAC (Federal Tactical border patrol team) arrives in scene.

12:19 – New call from female student in room 111. Another student tells her to hangup.

12:21 – Police hear new gun shots and begin moving down to the room where he is believed to be inside.
Three more shots can be heard on a students 911 call.

*** Attempts to gain access to classroom are unsuccessful as the doors are reinforced locked doors and no breaching tools are currently available.
Keys are requested ***

12:36 – New call from classroom. Dispatch requests student to stay on the line and remain quiet. Student tells dispatch SR shot the door.

12:43 / 12:46 / 12:47 – Student caller urges police to come and states she can hear them next door.

12:50 – Police enter room using keys gained by staff and kill SR.

12:51 – Survivors moved out of room and all clear sounded at 12:58

  • Important Fact #1 – there was not school officer on scene this day.
  • Important Fact #2 – population of 16,000, Uvalde likely has no more than 20 cops, or 2-3 cops per shift. I have been unable to locate the actual number but am basing this info off my subject knowledge as a police officer in CA.
  • BORTAC is an elite unit that mirrors US Special Forces Units, highly trained and heavily equipped to deal with terrorist incidents and heavily armored cartels at home and abroad.
  • BORTAC units killed SR were a combined group of on-and-off duty units, leading the stack upon entering the room, after being advised to continue to wait by Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Chief of Police (not Uvalde PD).