Dear Christian Voter

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, is Election Day. You’ve probably have heard it said before and they’ll say it again, “this election is the most important election in our lifetime.” It’s true until the next election. In these pivotal times, the struggle for power at all level of government are pulling social norms in a game of tug of war. It was not supposed to be this way.

We the people should be setting the standard from the ground up. This is the beautiful ideal of limited government. Today, things are flipped upside down and the powers that be, Left and Right, are choosing to dictate their ideas about society from lofty arenas: from the halls of the legislature, to the pillars of the court, and the podiums of the silver screen, to tentacles of the executive, and the microphone of the radio. Everyone on every side is seeking to shape your frame of mind, thinking, and values.

Dear Christian voter, it is okay to dabble in the arena of men. We have grace whether we want to decide what economic system we believe to be best for running a country. As Christ said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Cesar’s and to God the things that are of God.” Sadly, in today’s times, Cesar has brought the Leviathan into the courtyards of the Church and is demanding that you sanctify this space for his own desires.

What I mean is this; government and politics has invaded so deeply into every aspect of society especially that of Faith and now our vote – which in prior times could be cast for the Donkey or Elephant without violating the sanctity of one’s beliefs, faith, and conscience – is intrinsically tied to what we believe about Life, Holiness, Orthodoxy, and Salvation. There is no wonder as to why American churches are in disunity; if we assume the dogmatic positions of our brethren (worst yet we ourselves bank our vote on) these very political matters.


Though I must say, some of that assumption is natural. On one side, Liberal Christians suggest one can separate the sacred and secular and therefore vote for the likes of a pro-abortionist “Pastor” in Raphael Warnock. Isn’t that what Christ meant by “render to Cesar” after-all? Isn’t that what our Founders said when they called for a separation of Church and State? The Liberal Christian believes that there is a black and white separation for both faith and politics for the individual believer.

Or is it how the Christian Conservative’s assume that it is both hypocritical and violation of one’s own personal beliefs and opinions to forcibly discard their Christian identity at the ballot box? Does it bestow a position of “luke-warmness” or cause them to hide their salt and light in a word of blandness and darkness? The Christian Conservative believes there is no separation of his faith for anything they’re involved in as their identity is intrinsically set in Christ.


Since you’re on a Christian conservative blog, you would correctly assume I disagree whole-heartedly with the Liberal Christian’s viewpoint of voting. I believe, since we are given our form of a representative Republic, that we have a duty as Christians to vote with our Christian identity and therefore vote Biblically. Contrary to the Liberal Christian’s opinion, voting Biblically is not akin to “forcing your religious views on society.” No, rather, our democracy hinges on the idea that the amalgamation of varying ideas would bring about slow change when necessary and stagnation where required. Afterall, what is someone’s religion other than a set of beliefs?


Should the eco-conscious person set aside their desire for green energy progress when they cast their vote? If not, neither should the Christian! Asking either of these parties to cast off their core values before they carry out their civic duty is a form of bigotry and voter suppression.


So why does the Liberal Christians insist his or her practice of self-repressed voting is a positive act of “loving thy neighbor” when in reality it is more in line with Peter’s fear of criticism in Antioch. If you remember correctly, Peter did not want to be caught eating with Gentiles because of the Jews. I believe Liberal Christians set aside their beliefs at the ballot box because they do not want to be criticized or labeled as “Bible thumpers” knowing full well the Lord’s Word condemns many things the Left stakes their platform on (i.e. – abortion on demand without excuse, trans indoctrination of children),


We must remember this and this foremost – we are called to Live for Christ. If death is gain what is a little criticism or persecution in His name? Will it not be accounted to you as a righteous reward when you stand before Christ on the last day? Christ said, “Whoever denies me before men, I will deny before my Father in Heaven.” A heavy toll to bear just to look good in the eyes on strangers.

Vote Biblically.

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