Biden’s Benghazi?

By Ken Gulley

You’ve probably read it a few times right now, “this is Biden’s Benghazi.” As miserable and disastrous as Benghazi was for the American’s there and America’s reputation abroad, I’d like to offer a different take.

This is worse than Benghazi. And the images coming out of Kabul mirror that of Saigon.

Many people tend to forget that Biden was there in Office as VP when Benghazi went down. Then, like now, Biden was shielded by the media and remained hidden from his friends in the Press without any full-court pressure that is common with a Republican President.

Even now, with significant mounting pressure from his allies in media, Biden continues to flounder… essentially calling the disastrous retreat from Kabul Airport old news by saying it was “4…5 days ago” reminiscent and just as disgusting as Hilary Clinton’s “what difference does it make” outburst regarding Benghazi.

America lost an embassy in Libya and it lost an Embassy in Afghanistan but thats where the similarities end.

Unlike the peculiar issue of being unable to send readily available help (for a few hours at best) in Libya – American troops were ordered to strand over 10,000 American citizens and 1000s of Afghani allies who helped the US stabilize the nation for 2 decades. Help was there – not hours away – and still it was ordered to evacuate.

As we continue to look into the absolute fiasco of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, we see an emboldened coward in chief daring to say that intelligence was “unaware” the nation would collapse so fast – which was completely false (as Congressman Crenshaw pointed out) – even adding further salt to the gaping wound by stating the withdrawal went according to plan.

With Benghazi, there was deep domestic strife over the situation. America abandoning an Ambassador and contractors (prior servicemen) to die then blaming it on a terrible cover story. With Afghanistan, the disgust is international. Not only has a nation fallen back into the demonic hands of terrorist who are murdering citizens in the streets but faith in America’s resolve is completely diminished internationally.

Even more so, American’s cannot even rely on their own nation to stand up to adversaries to assist them when needed. Left to die or make it out on their own.

While Liberals may not dream of having Trump as President again, even their hate of him cannot deny the fact that he was more than willing to move mountains for American citizens. Trump was successful in rescuing multiple American citizens in adversarial nations and was willing to clamp down and show his teeth when needed. While Trump too was interested in withdrawing away from an overdue war erroneously based in nation-building, he was not willing to roll-over for the Taliban like Biden has or pay terrorists for peace like Obama did. Biden did both – surrendering millions in US currency, selling-out American allies and citizens, forfeiting billions in American hardware and weaponry to a hell-bent terroristic regime.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Reagan to rescue Americans in Iran or Trump to rescue Americans abroad. We have a basement dwelling geriatric with a significant cognitive decline being dangled out on a stage by Marxist-Leftists who pull the strings behind the curtains.

Biden’s foreign policy personnel are filled with former Obama personnel and just like the disaster they created in Libya, Egypt, and Syria (during the Arab Spring) we should not be surprised at the resulting collapse and abysmal planning…after-all it was planned.

So while President Biden continues to lecture American’s who have not taken an FDA unapproved vaccine while avoiding questions on Afghanistan and the Americans he stranded overseas remember where Democrats real interest lies – gaining power – not saving lives. They willingly killed elderly in their homes and hid the truth. They left Americans to die in Libya and hid the truth. They currently murder children in the womb and hide the truth and they’ll do the same in the future.

But remember guys, America is evil, please ignore the Afghanis willing to die to escape to our land. Ignore parents willing to pass their children to strangers for a chance to grow up in America. They don’t know how oppressive micro-aggressions and Truth can be – no one told them how evil we are. They just know the of symbol American has been for over 200 years while many Americans take it all for granted.

This is worst then Benghazi because of all of the reasons stated above and this simple fact: Democrats were unwilling to learn from their mistakes because they were not mistakes to begin with – they’re manufactured by design. A weaker US to them means a more equity and therefore a more Just multi-polar world.

It’s only a twisted sense of Justice for those who know what True Justice is… for the Left this is their truth.

Pray for Afghanistan.

Pray for the Americans trapped there.

Pray for the persecuted Church.