Meet the Authors

Ken Gulley

If he were betting man, Ken would break the bank when it comes to being a statistical anomaly. A mixed-race Black and Mexican kid brought up in the “public housing projects,” on welfare, to an illegal immigrant mother; Ken proudly declares his Conservative ideology with eager expectation of confusion.

Raised in the City of Los Angeles, Ken is a middle child who first learned the intricacies of mediating and strategic language by negotiating daily life with his two siblings. Naturally introverted, Ken has took to writing at an early age and isn’t afraid to challenge himself among the extroverts.

Ken currently works in law enforcement and boasts a Political Science B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles (emphasis on International relations) and a minor in Middle East-North African Studies. A glutton for punishment, Ken continued his education with a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

Ken has had the privilege and honor of holding the position of President of Los Angeles Harbor College’s Student Government where he gained Phi Theta Kappa honors. He later served as President of the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega (UCLA).

Ken has been married for six years and had his fist child in 2019. Ken is has a passion for Christian Apologetics, cooking, hiking, Trojan Athletics and Dodger Baseball. He credits his Christian upbringing and his college experience with solidifying his ideological positions on Liberty, Faith, the Constitution, and Conservatism.

Joshua Weigert

Joshua Weigert is a member of that rare breed of political thinkers: A Canadian, small-government conservative. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada to immigrant parents, Joshua is the youngest of six children, holds dual citizenship with Canada and Germany, and writes about American politics. Why? Because of an enduring love for politics and world issues, as well as the belief that when the U.S. does the right thing, other nations often benefit. For better or for worse, the United States is influential, and that’s no small thing to its northern neighbor.

To continue the enigmas, Joshua was raised in European-style liberal thought, was a proud supporter of big government policies, and then became a conservative while attending the extremely socialist Political Science department of York University. In truth, there’s nothing quite like seeing the logical conclusion of your beliefs to make you reevaluate them.

Josh has a passion for truth, consistency, and citing sources. When he’s not writing about politics, Josh is catching up on movies or cheering on Chelsea FC in the English Premier League.

W.A. Fulkerson

Wesley Alden Fulkerson, formerly writing under the moniker “GKC,” is an award-winning screenwriter (“Save My Seoul” 2017), author (“For Whom the Sun Sings,” “Starfall,” “Writing with Purpose”) and lecturer. Here on the proof blog, he focuses on religion, Christian practice, and the intersection of faith and politics. Since Musk bought twitter, Wes is back on it. @wesleyfulkerson