Catherine Herridge is being attacked for upsetting the left-wing media establishment

By Joshua Weigert
May 16, 2020
(Header Image from the CBS Photo Archive)

I’ve been sitting back and watching for the past couple of days how the mainstream media have either condemned CBS News correspondent Catherine Herridge, or remained silent while Democrats and other media outlets attack her.

All Catherine Herridge did was tweet out some official government documents. She didn’t add any spin on it or anything. She just tweeted them out to show the world.

The documents Herridge tweeted contained a list of dozens of former Obama administration officials who reportedly asked for documents that led to the identity of former national security adviser Michael Flynn being “unmasked” (1).

Andrew Bates, the director for rapid response for the Biden campaign tweeted out “SCOOP: Catherine Herridge is a partisan, right-wing hack who is a regular conduit for conservative media manipulation ploys because she agrees to publicize things before contacting the target to ask for comment”

I am old enough to remember when left wing journalists and media outlets defended each other and started hashtags when President Trump (or any government official/ Republican) was mean to them. They claimed President Trump was attacking the freedom of speech and the press.

Where are they now?

Yamiche Alcindor of PBS was labelled a hero by the mainstream media outlets for receiving President Trumps *justified* criticism. In typical leftist fashion, they claimed sexism, racism and a hatred for free press as the motivation for President Trump’s outburst.

But when Catherine Herridge, who is acting like a real journalist and unravels REAL stories, she is maliciously smeared. These same “reporters” who defended Yamiche are now silent.

If you wanted further proof about how performative and phony the “we stand with you (insert left-wing journalist here)!” antics are, look no further than this story.

The Democrats and mainstream media are so in bed with each other, that the Daily Beast came out with an article on Thursday with the headline “The New CBS Reporter Driving Democrats—and Some of Her Own Colleagues—Crazy” (2).

The Daily Beast had no issue condemning President Trump for “attacking” women journalists as some sort of veiled sexism, but they’re not just silent on the attacks on Herridge, they are one of the ones leading the attack on her reputation.  

The question that must be asked is why would Herridge be driving her own “colleagues” and media outlets like the Daily Beast crazy? Is not her job to report news and uncover stories from Washington? Why would her colleagues be upset at her for this? The fact is, it’s never really been about truth. The are only interested in truth if it means a negative spin for Republicans and President Trump. In the end, orange man is bad.

It’s obvious why the Democrats would be upset, though. They’ve had a free pass with the mainstream media for decades, and when a noisy reporter enters the scene, they must be shouted down. They expect reporters to do their bidding, like CNN’s Jim Acosta, who only ever cares about annoying the President with “gotcha” questions and a general lack of intelligence.

But I was told attacking journalists was a horrible thing for our democracy! I mean, when orange man does it, he’s destroying America and free-speech, right?

Democrats never adhere to the standards they set for Republicans and President Trump, and the mainstream media will never call them out for it, either.