Whites are Red, Blacks are Blue

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black.” – Joe Biden

If this was a joke, as the Washington Posts suggest, (1) Biden sure took his time to set up and deliver and an awful punchline that produced no chuckles.

But apparently, the black community is fine with being the butt of a joke as long as it comes from the right mouth.

If you need any clarification at all, this wasn’t a joke. This “gaff” was a freudian slip for how the Progressive Left views the black vote. (2)

Blacks only have themselves to blame – voting Left at a 90% clip and expecting largely nothing in return. (3)

State of the Union 2020

Democrat elected cities make it harder for them to find successful schools. (4) They run states making it harder to find good work or start their own business. (5) Their states do more to champion illegal aliens then black causes – and of course working ceaselessly to remove their ability to protect themselves against a government they still claim is racist. (6/7)

If this were merely a joke, it would not so clearly echo exactly the same attacks against those us who dared to escape Democrat’s ideological plantation. Attacks we’ve been on the receiving end for years now: (8)

  • “How can you vote for Republicans, they don’t care about your people.”
  • “You’re an oreo.”
  • “Uncle Tom.”
  • “You forget what color you are?”
  • “You’re in the sunken place.”
  • “Wigga”
  • “House nigga.”
  • “Sell out.”
  • “Race traitor.”

As a black Constitutional Conservative, I have been labeled all these things and more. The latter of which is unironically borrowed from the Nazis (Hello Godwin). (9)

What is ironic, however, is that most of these attacks against black conservatives and libertarians are from black enforcers.
Biden didn’t say anything new. (10) In some weird way, I pity him for the heat he has received on the issue.

When boiled down, Biden’s message is atrociously racist in that it assumes blacks cannot think for themselves. The suggestion that merely considering voting Republican meant losing your “blackness,” would never had made waves if a black man said the same thing.

In essence, Biden simply violated the same rules afforded to the “N” word. He uttered it while white. And thats why the Left in the main stream media have been so soft on their response to the issue.

Instead of outright condemnation of this statement, they choose to act as apologists.
Somehow, the Left understands that calling Obama “articulate” is underhanded racism but they shrug their shoulders at the suggestion that blacks will lose their identity by considering Trump. (11)

If this all sounds strange to you in the non-black community – just understand that having you blackness questioned is common tactic in the black community. It is a way in which the community at large disowns and disavows a person in their entirety.

It is similar to a hispanic being disowned by hispanics for not speaking Spanish. It is likened to an asian being disowned by their specific asian community for marrying outside their race. Or similar for a homosexual man being told he is less of a man for not preferring women. I am ignorant of such an equivalent in the caucasian community.

This is why Clarence Thomas, despite his status as a Supreme Court Justice, would not be mentioned inside the Black History Museum in DC had it not been curators devoting a portion to his black female accuser, Anita Hill.(12)

This is why Thomas Sowell is an unknown figure to the black community despite being a renowned economist and social commenter in Conservative-Libertarian circles. (13)

Some people call it, “being uninvited to the cookout.” I call it an extreme form of identity politics. I call it racism. (14)

Perhaps they’ll consider the words of Malcom X (or maybe they’ll suggest he wasn’t black enough).

Whatever they decide, they’ll be used by the Left to vote blue because they foolishly fear the Right will… “put ya’ll back in chains!” – Joe Biden (15)

– Signed, a black Constitutional Conservative, Ken Gulley

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