The Media Cares About Racial Division, NOT Racial Injustice

By Joshua Weigert
May 28th, 2020

Recently, video footage emerged of a man who saw grotesque and inexcusable violence committed against him. George Floyd? No. I’m referring to an elderly white male in a Michigan nursing home who was repeatedly beat in the head by an African-American caregiver.

***Warning: Graphic Content Below***

***Given our unfortunate political and racial climate, I have to preface the rest of this article with a word on how the killing of George Floyd is deeply tragic and infuriating. These police officers deserve to be fired, arrested and have the book thrown at them.***

Chances are you’ve never seen that video of the white elderly man being physically abused. I don’t blame you. This story never gained media attention for the very simple reason that it was a white victim and an African-American perpetrator. This is easily one of the most senseless acts of violence one can imagine, and the perpetrator is a deeply evil individual.

The video footage of the abuse was not from a hidden camera. The perpetrator purposely filmed himself beating the victim, as this is not the first time he’s filmed himself abusing seniors.

Where are our politicians condemning this hate attack? Where are our Hollywood moral leaders retweeting this video? Where are our fearless journalists reporting this attack?

Unfortunately, the mainstream media isn’t interested in these stories. The mainstream media are only interested in stories where African-Americans are abused at the hands of white Americans. We know this is true because we know the names of those African-Americans who have died at the hands of the police: Freddie Gray, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, George Floyd, and several others. virtually every instance of violence against African-Americans by the police is reported on the news. It’s proven that the African-American victim at the hands of white people (usually police officers) sells. Mainstream media outlets would have the story going 24/7 while we are bombarded with new witnesses, developments, evidence, etcetera.

Think to yourself, had the abused elderly man been African-American and the perpetrator been white, would it dominate the news story?

Yes, it’s extremely likely that it would be.

But the mainstream media would never broadcast this story as it goes against the narrative that the United States of America is deeply racist in its core against African-Americans.

You can see this agenda by the way the media have portraying the rioters and looters in Minneapolis. The mainstream media have been consistently calling these people “protesters” instead of the criminals that they actually are.

Now, this does not mean ALL of those taking to the streets of Minneapolis are criminals, as a large group of them are actually peacefully protesting the killing of Floyd. I am only referring to those who have been caught on camera looting Target and AutoZone, and those who burned down condominium developments.

What’s both shocking and baffling is that the mainstream media have now attempted to compare the Second Amendment marches and rallies in Virginia, or the marches in Michigan over the enforcement of COVID-19 lock-down measures, to the ongoing riots and looting in Minneapolis. They’re attempting to push a narrative that “white” protesters in both Virginia and Michigan were allowed to express themselves, openly carry guns and enter state buildings, while African-American protesters would never be allowed to do such things.

The question is, which stores were looted in Virginia? Which banks were robbed in Michigan? How many millions of dollars in destroyed property were there in either Michigan or Virginia?

The answer to the above questions is that there were no riots, there was no looting, and there was no damaged property during those demonstrations.

Not only did the previous protests in Virginia and Michigan not involve rioting or looting, they didn’t break the law. Firearms are allowed in the Michigan state Capitol building.

Comparing the protests in Virginia and Michigan to the riots in Minneapolis is willfully deceptive and further gaslights the existing racial tensions in the US, which one can say is their goal.  

Where are all these supposed racists? Where are the people defending the police officers who killed Floyd?

It isn’t even clear that this killing was racially motivated, as opposed to bad policing.

That didn’t stop Ice Cube from tweeting out this:

The issue is, the photo on the right is NOT of the police officer. The person on the right is professional troll and fraudster Jonathan Lee Riches. It doesn’t matter though, as it fits the narrative for Ice Cube and the 150,000 people who “liked” the tweet.

It is important to highlight injustice. But it is also equally important not meet this injustice with injustice and violence, and to push false narratives and ahistoricism.

If the media cared about justice, they would be condemning Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” comments. If the media cared about African-Americans, they would be asking why the Democrats have done nothing to improve the poverty rates in the black community. If the media cared about African-Americans, they would showcase how horrific the single motherhood rate is in the African-American community.

Both can be true at once, George Floyd’s death is inexcusable and those police officers should face justice and the full extent of the law, and that the mainstream media is only interested in a narrative that pushes a racially divisive agenda that America is a supremely racist nation.