What You Missed Last Week

News and headlines you missed from February 16th to the 22nd

By Joshua Weigert
February 26, 2020

In typical fashion, “woke” corporations are finding new ways to score points from the left. In this case, United Airlines now allows you to determine your own gender when flying aboard their aircraft’s. I’m assuming the next step is United Airlines allow us to identify as first class passengers when we bought economy seats? Does that sound ridiculous? It’s because you’re a bigot.

Another day, another instance of assault on Trump supporters/conservatives. A couple in Indiana are charged with two felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness after they drove two teenage brothers off the road for having Trump flags on their bikes. Will the media spend several weeks discussing the rhetoric that has led to left-wing violence towards conservatives? Probably not. We would be lucky if they even report incidents like these.

What is more appropriate than drag queens and small children? What is the actual purpose of drag queen story hour, besides indoctrinating young children? Why should these children be exposed to men masquerading in mesh leggings and tights? Why should children be exposed to sexualized events put together by individuals who themselves are sexually confused? Which parent in their right mind would allow their child to sit through this in the first place? So many questions, not enough answers.

Elizabeth Warren, the queen of virtue-signalling and empress of lying, goes after Mike Bloomberg’s height during her Nevada caucus speech. Imagine if a male candidate mocked the height of a female candidate? Or even worse, imagine if that male candidate mocked a female candidate’s weight!? It would destroy his campaign and there would be non-stop talk about misogyny, sexism and fat-shaming from the media. How does Warren get away with it? Could it be female-privilege?

Violence at a Bernie Sanders rally! The media attempts to portray Trump rallies as a hotbed of violence, yet were awfully quiet about this interaction between a white and black male. In the video, a white male harasses a black male who was wearing a “black guns matter”. The white male calls the black male a racist for wearing a pro-gun shirt and things got heated after that. Leftism is so illogical, that white leftists are accusing black people of being racist to their own race. Bernie Sanders, behold your voter base.

Last week, certain conservative figures criticized AOC’s wardrobe and it’s worth while she was on The View. That was silly, considering the shocking statements she made during the appearance. I find it shocking when someone in political power freely says certain people “shouldn’t exist”. How does she plan on eliminating them? How can she get away with explicit threats?

What’s interesting is that AOC, Bernie, Warren, and their ilk, claim billionaires shouldn’t exist, but depend on the billionaires to pay for all their socialist plans. AOC should be praising the billionaire class, not criticizing them.

Also, AOC claims “rich men are not the center of my universe”, yet endorsed Bernie Sanders, a rich white man…

Last week’s Democratic Debate went as well as most expected. 5 white people and a 1/1024 native woman all trying to one up each other in talking about how much they hate America. But this clip right here shows how none of these individuals should be anywhere near the White House. Like most of the Democratic Debates, Trump was the winner of the night.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is no stranger to silly ideas, but this silly even for his standards. How this tweet actually received 8.7k likes is a testament to how there are thousands of people out there like Newsom. I for one cannot wait for the time a doctor can prescribe a vacation to the Cayman Islands or Bali. Maybe a doctor can prescribe an Aston Martin Vanquish for me, I don’t think the cough medicine is working well enough. Or, why can’t a doctor prescribe $1 million to everyone so everyone is rich and all the world’s problems would go away? Fairy-tale land is a fun place.

I don’t think anything else needs to be said about this…

The New York Times complains about YouTube giving a platform for “right-wing radicals” like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Steven Crowder, yet publish an opinion piece from the the Taliban leader. No, this isn’t a joke. Yes, The New York Times is a joke. Leftism has destroyed the mainstream media.

Joe Walsh, the Republican challenger to President Trump, claims he would rather vote for socialism over Trump’s “authoritarianism”. Socialism IS authoritarianism. Any Republican that would vote for socialism over Donald Trump isn’t a Republican, let alone a conservative.

Is there any wonder Walsh’s campaign is an absolute failure?