Jesse Williams, Black Lives Matter, and the Problem with “the System”

Inconvenient Truths
Life presents a myriad of challenges. When we first enter the world, the first obstacle we all experience is taking our first breath in our new womb-less world. If we could process it, we would almost immediately discover that this world isn’t built on fairness and equality but rather competition & survival. Some time ago, a savvy scientist labeled this observation, “survival of the fittest.” For man, life is no different than it is for the beast if you ignore man’s ability to reason. But there in lies the problem, man can reason.

There is nothing inherently wrong about competition and survival. Such things are inconvenient truths about life. Problems emerge when people (naturally corrupted by wealth and power or simply the desires of their own hearts and imagination) justify their desire for a piece of the pie through means that do not naturally fit the balance of these natural processes.

Man, in an effort to secure peace in a commune (City, Nation or State), developed a hierarchy of power. In a hierarchy, there must be some on the top and some, a great many rather, on the bottom. Millenniums have passed and numerous systems of governance and economics come and gone. Each of these systems have left those in every position (save for the very top) wanting more.

It has only been the last 300 years since new modern systems have been brought forth. These systems, created from trial and error out of the minds of man, are not perfect but they are by far the greatest we have. I am speaking of Capitalism and Representative Democracy.

The System

With Capitalism, for the first time, those at the bottom of the hierarchy triangle were able to secure a place of their own desire on the totem pole. Rather than being born in peasantry and accepting a death in the same class, men could climb higher and move farther on the basis of their own innovation and effort. Capitalism took the elements of survival and competition and used them to it’s own advantage.

With a Representative Democracy, specifically a Representative Republic, men could select from well informed professionals who best meet their concerns and needs to act as a delegate on their behalf. These men could bring issues of concern and priority before government. This system allows men to be heard and felt at the top of the pyramid despite existing in the middle or bottom. When pooled together, these individual concerns become a powerful base. Prior to this, the needs and concerns of the individual were only considered if it affected those in power.

In the same system, the Justice System developed and evolved. In the past, wisdom relied solely on one man’s testimony to a judge or religious figure who then based his judgements on strict adherence to the letter of the law. Today, Justice is better perfected in a jury of peers, trials, testimonies of witnesses, evidence, professional advocates and laws that protect from corruption.

These systems are not perfect. When left alone, they work wonderfully, but as noted earlier, the introduction of man to it’s inner workings has a tendency to clog, pervert, alter or destroy it completely.

The system today has issues but it is not destroyed. In some cases it’s perverted. In the United States’ federalist government, “the System” is a misnomer as it is better described as “systems.” Government exists in 3 simplistic tiers (State, Local and Federal) but even this can be broken down exponentially. Smaller governments (like school districts or HOAs) offer specialized and specific systems that meet the needs of the constituent.

The systems become perverted at times with corrupt officials but they are quickly corrected by the actions of attentive and active people. Today, pure Capitalism doesn’t exist in the United States (for better or worse); it’s been altered.  Governance in America has also evolves. Today, Federal government’s seat of power holds nearly 3x as much power and direct affect on an individual life in comparison to their local (City) government. This change is recent. In the 1950s – the ratio was reversed.

In America, influential men have clogged, altered, and perverted these systems. While these systems are constantly corrected, we are reminded of how easy they are upset. Consider the recent case of a judge who gave a Stanford University swimmer a slap on the wrist for a despicable act that should have earned him life in jail. Thankfully, when they people see the ills in these systems, they are corrected without their destruction. These systems are good as long as we ourselves act justly or are vigilant with who is in power.

The Problem

Now that you are 1 page into reading this, you are probably wondering “What does this have to do about Jesse Williams and his BET Speech?” The answer to that is, “everything.” If you haven’t seen it by now, actor and political activist Jesse Williams, famous for his role in Grey’s Anatomy, delivered what can no doubt be called a “passionate” speech at the recent BET Awards. He received a “Humanitarian Award,” in recognition his work covering the movement known as “Black Lives Matter.”

Unfortunately, a concerning number of friends from all walks of life shared the speech as something they found to be “inspiring” and “amazing.” All too many of them have swallowed the superficial sounds of “Justice” and the struggle for “Equal Rights” that tingle the ears of any compassionate person with a beating heart. Sadly, the underlying System behind this modern movement of “Social Justice” that Mr. Williams eloquently fronts, betrays the very cause in which it pursues.

The Movement
I am not one to waste time delving into conspiracies or secret shadowy worlds. They exist, of this I know, but I rather argue on evidence and proof.
The modern “Social Justice” Movement, which finds it’s strength in liberal leaders and figureheads, are impregnated with the seeds of Marxist ideological thought. As recent as 5 years ago, suggesting a Marxist or socialist influence in liberal ideals would be cause for a fight for any self respecting liberal. Now, with the likes of President Barack Obama and Democratic Nominee Bernie Sanders, these claims have merely become annoyances. Today, liberals and Leftists are willingly embracing the idea of Socialism – calling it a variant of the types currently in place in the European continent. But a book is judged by the letters within it’s pages and not by it’s superficial appearance.

Jesse William’s words themselves are telling signs of the ideology that pervades the various social justice movements. Leftists organizations adhere to the ideals of Marxism and socialism and they have become more explicit in their acknowledgement of this fact. There are certain giveaways that let you know if you are dealing with such a group. For example, many of these institutions will never waste an opportunity to attack the dominant economic system (Capitalism) though their focus may be truly geared toward dispelling the ills and downfalls of the justice system

This rhetoric is prevalent in academia (especially Race or Gender based Academic Studies) and can be found in a plethora of the following organizations types (public -especially academic-Unions, LGBTQ organizations, Feminist causes, and classic semi-private Unions – i.e. ILWU, Teamsters,etc). In fact, anyone carrying the title of “Community organizer” and “activist” will usually be aligned with these ideals.

The adherence to the ideology is always creeping. Leftist will shy away from claims of Marxist-socialist influence (especially in public) but they tend to not deny it’s ideals in private. It’s this creeping tactic that concerns me most. It shows up in many different ways and tickles the ears of more and more people from my generation.

The Speech

As a student of Truth, I don’t seek to attack any man for his ideological adherence. I don’t feel compelled to call out one man’s hypocrisy to label an entire group. This is not my goal. My goal is to show you the errors and the dangers of an ideology that is incompatible with American ideals, incompatible with our culture (especially the black community) and completely destructive to all inhabitants of the nations that established it as a system within their society. Jesse William’s is an agent of such a system. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement too is an agent of the system.

Unlike some conservative voices that focused on who was speaking (chiding the man as a privileged millionaire) I’ll focus on what he says and why he says it. I’ll also question what he says when and where it’s appropriate.

“they make sure I learn what the schools were afraid to teach us”

First of all it is important to understand where Williams is coming from and why he focuses on this. Williams has a background as a school teacher. His own schooling came in African-American Studies (along with Film). It’s likely Williams developed his current activist beliefs from his time in college.

I have had an opportunity to take and audit such classes at UCLA. Without having experienced them myself, they are widely known to be factories for leftism. Such courses focus on the ills a specific race endured at the hands of the ruling class. No doubt, one learns a tremendous amount of history that has been swept under the rug by the larger part of academia. These facts are important historical understandings that I believe should not be overlooked.
In the same vein, this history must be understood in a balance. Students that leave such classes or curriculum of study do so with a mindset that American was and is the worse nation on Earth. This is so because the facts and history provided are also offered up with a Marxist narrative that suggests the system is the problem. You have probably heard it before, such phrases as “systemic racism”, “systematic control of…” or ” X was designed to keep Y down.”
There are whole truths in some of these statements but there are far too many built on half-truths (also known as half-lies). Ironically, such classes that pledge to tell you the whole truth about a given race in America also conveniently leave out things that come into conflict with the narrative they hope to create. The likes of William Ellison (a black slave owner who helped supply the Confederate States of America) or Madam CJ Walker (1867-1919: first female self made millionaire – a black woman) are decidedly left out of the story.

“a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.”

My first thoughts upon hearing this line was “What system?” and “Who?” Considering this is the Black Entertainment Television Awards audience, the “Who” is an easy answer but as I explained earlier, the first question is a complicated one.

The System – or rather systems – are all three: Governmental, Judicial and Economic. For the leftist, all three systems have been designed specifically to bring “us” down. Interestingly enough, all three systems have been specifically designed to be benefit “us.”

As learned earlier, our Representative Republic has been designed to recognize us citizens and adhere to our needs. This system has even gone on to ensure it respects the very individual’s rights (see: Bill of Rights). Furthermore, it has placed checks and balances on it’s branches to prevent tyranny. While admittedly this system is not perfect, given the introduction of man to it’s functions, it’s proven correctable and head over heels more desirable than any other system.

But what does Jesse and his ilk propose? Mr. Williams and his ilk desire a system that mirrors to a greater degree, the likes of Socialism. For them, this system of a stronger more centralized form of government would be preferable because it would more swiftly institute “fairness and equality” on a more grand scale. While true, centralized governments are more efficient in action they are also more perilous.

While I need not explain the perils of all true socialist nations, it’s important to consider what is being asked. They despise a system “corrupted” by men so they seek a system that centralizes power and controls and inherently introduces more bureaucracy. The system sought is one that is more liable to corruption. The liability to corruption in socialist governments has been proven and shown throughout history!

To put it plainly, they hate the current government system because man corrupted it and used it selfishly, so they seek a system that gives more power to the government run by men. How that makes sense, I’ll never understand.

A similar issue can be seen pointed out in evaluating their desires for an overhaul of the Economic and Judicial Systems. (Though I may add – as a person who works for the judicial system – there are some serious changes that are warranted).

“It’s kind of basic mathematics – the more we learn about who we are and how we got here, the more we will mobilize.”

I have no issue with learning about ancestry and history. They are important. When I hear my ancestors may have likely suffered under a system of slavery, it grieves me. It also encourages me to know that I am able to fulfill a dream they could not – prospering in Liberty. I plan to teach my children about the “hidden histories” of American (with balance).

What pops out to me here is the word: mobilize. This word is used strategically, not as a passive synonym for making progress or change but rather as military (read: or in fact militant) terminology.

When a Christian speaks to another Christian, his word choices are familiar to his fellow believer and they giveaway his understanding of dogma and theology. Similarly, this is true for ideologues and their followers. To mobilize the masses is to strike directly and the “revolutionary” language commonly used by strong handed systems of governance.

Consider Black Lives Matter (BLM). BLM may have had legitimate grievances and compassionate origins but today is militant at heart. Bank rolled by the likes of George Soros (a funder of the Advancement Project – of which Mr. Jesse Williams is a Board Member) there is a strong headed socialist agenda and goal directly involved in their plans.

Are these plans, militant? Based off the history of ideological Marxists, perhaps. Later on, Williams goes on to suggest his ilk are a “resistance.” He makes it evidently clear in the following the ultimatum: “So what’s going to happen is we are going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours.”

I find this rhetoric, concerning. Where the media, in it’s bias toward liberal cause, finds “Conservative rhetoric” harmful and hateful for standing by values that suggest “one man and one woman is true marriage;” they completely gloss over the “revolutionary” rhetoric orated by Williams. Are they so biased that they decidedly praise him and agree with him or do they fear the Internet social justice warriors that attack anyone as racist if they challenge a man of color who takes up a liberal cause. This rhetoric is in the same vein as Obama’s statement when he declared he would “fundamentally transform America.” Why? What need is there to do that unless you never loved her to begin with?

Propagating Falsehood

As a member of the law enforcement community, I have a sensitivity toward things dealing with law enforcement. Similarly, as an American and a patriot, I have a sensitivity for things dealing with America.

I am also a black man who experienced life in government housing in Los Angeles and all that comes along with it: welfare, food stamps, gang violence, discrimination, stereotyping and more. These experiences taught me many things. When speaking on such matters, they should allow me to speak with a position of authority on the subject. But since I am an ideological Conservative, these experiences are largely ignored. I am instead regarded “brainwashed” or a “house nigger” by the very group that says they are against racism and for tolerance.

Life in “the projects” taught me a lot of things – especially this – young man and women living in state and federal housing are brilliant. Elites suggest otherwise. Despite the disadvantages, those of us who grew up in the “hood” were forced to grow up quickly. We knew about life and death, personal responsibility, making clean money versus dirty money, sex, drugs, alcohol and more. We learned this a lot faster than our more “privileged” counter parts in suburbia, or on the coasts.

So when Mr. Williams suggests Tamir Rice was killed for being a “12 year old playing alone in the park in broad daylight,” I cannot help but call out his bull-crap for what it is. Tragic as the event was, any boy from the hood would understand the error of pointing a gun (toy or not) at any adult, let alone a police officer. Now of course, I do not know Tamir’s upbringing so for me to suggest he knew better would be just as ridiculous as the justification Mr. Williams claimed for Tamir’s death.

Now if one were to set aside the assumptions surrounding Tamir and the officer involved, one can clearly see how the shooting itself was simply a tragedy of circumstances brought about by the unfortunate actions of a young boy and perhaps bad tactics from the officer.

Williams then makes the outrageous claim that the officer “then [went] home to make a sandwich.” Why is this necessary? For affect? Isn’t the death of a kid enough of a tragedy? Instead Mr. Williams must lie and paint the picture of this officer as monster who is numb to death – as if to say it’s an everyday happening.

I haven’t experienced the burden of using my weapon. I have had the opportunity to arrive on scene as one of the first to assist a partner who had used their weapon with deadly effect. This officer felled a man who attacked our other partner with a knife only to have him come after her. The man died within a few feet of the door to her vehicle, his 10-inch knife still in his hands.

When I parked my vehicle and ran into the chaotic scene, I could see my partner holding herself up, knees bent over and emotional. Here was a warrior with every reason to celebrate an unquestionably justified shooting – sick to her stomach and emotional. Killing isn’t easy on anyone, including our most elite warriors. Yet, Mr. Williams suggest police officers are determined to kill black men and women like it’s a part of their nature.

“Now, what we’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to deescalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday.”

Has anyone seen this data? If so where is it?

The other day, I watched a black man, arrested for murder, attempt to disarm a police officer by stealing his gun. This man was stopped and re-cuffed to stand trial. This happens everyday, to all races alike. In fact, the vast majority of incidents involve no use of force – and when I mean vast majority – that is over 99% of police contacts. Of those use of force incidents resulting in a death at the hand of police officers – that number is so small it is incredibly telling of the foolishness of this statement. In 2015: 1186 people were killed by police and approximately 13 million people arrested (for various crimes ranging from a citation to felony). That means approximately 0.009% of all potentially arrested were killed.

In breaking down these statistics, some will be quick to point out that more whites were killed by police (581) than Blacks (306). But speaking proportionally, you cannot ignore the fact that Blacks are killed far more than whites when you consider the population: Whites account for 64% of the population and Blacks account for 12%.

So is Mr. Williams correct? Even with this lopsided proportion in the share of deaths, there is one more telling statistic to account for. Despite being only 12% of the population, Black/African-Americans are responsible for 38% of violent crime arrests (Murder/Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery, Burglary, Theft, Arson). This statistic is second only to Whites who hold 58.4% of the share of violent crime.

When we consider that criminals are more likely to fight (to deadly measures) if they are going to face the threat of a higher punishment (which comes with violent crimes), it makes more sense that Whites and Blacks hold the top two places for deaths at the hands of police officers given they commit the most violent crimes, respectively.Thus, proportions of deaths at the hands of police more closely match the proportions for violent crime: (Share of Deaths By Police % vs. Share of Violent Crime %) for Whites it’s (51% vs 58%) and for Blacks (26% vs 38%).

As some may challenge, this does not explain the brutality shown to some man and woman of color during the past year! And you are right. I don’t seek to explain away every officer’s motives, failures, thoughts or actions but I do mean to put away the falsely propagated idea that cops are out to kill or imprison and destroy the lives on young black men and women. This is not true and needs to end. Sadly, it will not. As long as it can be used as a political tool to incite and mobilize the masses and secure more votes, it will be used.

Accidental Truth


“There has been no war that we have not fought and died on the front lines of…”

They say, a broken clock is correct twice a day. Williams pointed out some truths more than once. Unfortunately he used these truths negatively to advance his ideals. Black man have fought valiantly in every war the US has fought since the American Revolution. In fact, in WWI and WWII, it was an all black unit that pushed the farthest east into the German strongholds in Europe. It was a black man to first die in the Boston Massacre. It was the All-Black 10th Infantry (Buffalo Soldiers) that kept Teddy’s Rough Riders from being outflanked and overrun.

Blacks have fought for every war America waged in pursuit of a noble cause – and for love of Liberty. Sadly their efforts were used selfishly by the government that promised change only to resign when faced with strong intrenched racist opposition in the Democratic South.

Amazingly, the black soldier continued to fight and in doing so proved his worth to his fellow brother-in-arms and broke down the color lines far before sports heroes. Instead of letting defeats at home hold them back, these men pushed onward in their noble cause and found strength in the idea of America and what she stood for. Despite the actions of evil racist men who used their position in society over them -black warriors understood the idea of America. They understood America offered the best hope and best system of government to live under. They knew that racism, no matter how systematic racists attempted to make it (see: Jim Crow laws) racism was not a part of the design and ideals that was the American experiment.Sadly, the same cannot be said for Mr. Williams. For his ilk, they rather idolize Howard Zinn’s narrative which suggest racism is the only thing that makes America exceptional.

These black warriors of yesteryear understood that “freedom is somehow always conditional here.” Instead of understanding that freedom is something to protect and fight for, Williams and his likeminded fellows rather limit freedoms and exchange it for equality and their own idea of fairness. Instead of understanding “personal responsibility,” they cry out and call the system corrupt for exercising just punishment for crimes against the population. His ilk complains about the amount of black men and women behind bars but do nothing to help them understand they do not have to take a route that leads them to this destination. Instead of raising them up with morals and values, they reject these notions as fodder of the “privileged” and rather alter the procedures than change minds and actions.

Concluding Thoughts

I have no quarrel with Mr. Jesse Williams. I have no issue with him holding his opinions or beliefs. What I war with is the ideology he believes in as I understand it is incompatible with what this nation stands for. America has her faults. There are many things that need to change but there are just as many that need to stay the same (or reverse). What I do have a problem with is divisive speech that pits one against the other, even if grievances are present.

Racism still exists in this nation. We will never get rid of racism just like we will never rid of poverty. What we cannot do is allow the pendulum to swing in an uneven direction to slam against the ancestors of those who once were oppressive but held no part in it. We have to come together as a nation of Americans, not as Blacks, Asians, Whites and Hispanics but rather Americans. We can embrace and celebrate our differences as a melting pot – under the banner of America. We can do so when we stop loading the deck against one another, on the right and especially on the left.

Unfortunately, there is a movement in America that does not wish to secure Liberty. This movement, Leftism, sees Liberty as a catalyst of insecurity. It shakes it’s fist at our foundation (the Constitution) and eagerly chips away at the bedrock upon which it was founded (Judeo-Christian Values & Natural Rights). It chooses to exchange these rights and freedoms for security, fairness and equality. It finds faults in “the system” which are actually faults within Man and rushes to replace that system with one that doesn’t fit the design of our Union. It exchanges personal responsibility for communal welfare and collective thought and it purges, persecuted, and mislabels those who protest against her. She is, as one great thinker described it, “the most dynamic ‘religion’ in the modern Century.'” And Jesse Williams is stood on a pulpit to proselytize the masses.

So you are correct one more time Mr. Williams: “the burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander,” but it is also unjust for the ‘brutalized’ to attack the passerby. Especially when he happens to be your own brother.

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