The Next Battleground: The Voting Booth

A voter steps into a voting booth to mark his ballot at a polling site for the New Hampshire primary, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Nashua, N.H. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

By Ken Gulley

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Rahm Emmanuel

As Democrats, and some Republicans, quickly jump to flex their authoritarian muscles during this unprecedented pandemic and economic crisis; Democrats have also been quick to push forward the old idea of nationwide mail-in elections for state primaries and Federal elections. (1)

In the name of “public safety” of course.

It wouldn’t be the first time Democrats have sought to Federalize state elections – seeking to do so during the first Covid 19 Stimulus deal in March (2).

Image 1: Breitbart News

While mainstream media touting the Democratic message of easing mail-in ballots nationally, Breitbart, the notorious Right winged-based media source, broke a story suggesting that up to 16.4 Million vote ballots went missing (included in these numbers are ballots that were misdirected and/or undeliverable). (Image 1)

Whereas Democrats already refuse the validity of Voter ID laws, calling them racist or restrictive, some have even made moves to repeal Voter ID laws already in place, as Virginia Gov. Northam did today. (3)

With issues concerning mail-in ballots and suspicions regarding “ballot harvesting,” (4) it is safe to suggest that concerns over the Left’s desire to transform the election system are more than warranted.

Image 2: New York Times

One doesn’t need to reach back to 2016-2018 to see the concerns every American should have regarding mail-in ballots. Wisconsin is currently reeling from a smaller but considerable issue from early April. (Image 2)

While these incidents do not necessarily denote “voter fraud” – they also don’t necessarily refute the possibility that sometimes large sums of mail – or just ballots themselves – are conveniently lost (5). No matter how small of a scale, proven cases of Voter Fraud are in fact taking place in the United States (Image 3).

Image 3: Heritage Foundation

Democrats attempts to push-vote by-mail elections no doubt is tied to the push to bail out the USPS, which is losing millions every year. (6)

As President Trump stone walls Democrat attempts for the time being, you can rest assured that this issue will continue to be pushed forward even well beyond the time this crisis has passed. The reasoning for the necessity will simply change without any push back from mainstream media.

Mail-in ballots are a workaround to Voter ID laws and a boost to ballot harvesting methods championed by the Left. Full disclosure, I currently vote by mail but hand deliver the ballot to voting booths and/or deliver it directly to state approved referees to assure they are counted. (I’ll be repealing my mail-in ballot in the future in favor of in person voting.)

The election system is safe only when a man or woman arrives in person to cast their own ballot with proper identification insuring their proper Right to do so is secured with identification. There’s nothing racist about that. (Image 4)

Image 4: Nelson Mandela


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