The Californian-Patriot’s Voter Guide

By Ken Gulley

Capitol Hell

Hello Californian Patriots!

Yes, there a plenty of Red-Pilled Californians still left in this beautiful (but politically terrible) state. For those who are unsure and those who need rein for cement, here is a quick Voting Guide for Classic-Liberal / Libertarian / Conservative or Fed-Up Liberal voters. Leftists need not apply…

With less than 2 Weeks to go in the election season, in spite of early voting and mass mail-in ballots, the majority of votes will take place next week.


California holds 53 Congressional House Seats. Given that large number, I will not go into each District and provide a detailed account on who to vote for – instead I recommend you consider the Party platform and how it applies to you.

Of the 53 CA-Representatives in Congress, only 7 are Republicans. California has a significant amount of Red counties despite its heavily Blue lean. Currently, there are 232 Democrat US Reps in the house versus 197 Republican Reps (total of 435). Picking up a few in California will go a long way to winning the House.

Peep the platform and Vote Red (if they have a significant shot – Right leaning Independents will do).,_2020


US Senators seats are not up for election in California. If Biden-Harris take the White House, Senator Kamala Harris’ seat will be filled in by the Governor.


20 of the 40 CA State Senate seats are up for re-election. California’s legislative chambers are a Democrat Super-Majority that allows Democrat legislators to impose new laws at will. This is extremely unhealthy. My instructions are similar to the instructions above – Vote Red. Return some sense of debate and bi-partisanship to the CA Legislature.,_2020

Of the 80 CA State Assembly seats, only 17 are Republican. Again, this is an unhealthy balance.,_2020

Red Wave?


California has a love-hate relationship with Propositions. In many ways, Propositions are simply ways politicians cast off items they fear making decisions on. In other ways, it is a way for Californians to have their voices heard in a State that has an unhealthy bias in the legislature (and everywhere else).

As time goes on, we are starting to see how little the Propositions matter to the powerful single-Party government. Twice in the past dozen years, two notable propositions were voted one way by the people and forcibly ignored by the government. Proposition 8 (Gay Marriage) in 2008 (,_the_%22Eliminates_Right_of_Same-Sex_Couples_to_Marry%22_Initiative_(2008)) by Judicial activism and Prop 66 (Death Penalty) by Governor decree (,_Death_Penalty_Procedures_(2016)).

There are 12 Propositions on the 2020 Ballot ( ) Propositions typically mean more laws but occasionally they also mean throwing off excessive laws. If your tendency is to vote no, that is fine but pay attention two a few certain votes in particular. Here is my Voting Recommendation:

PROP 14: $5.5B in Bonds for State Stem-Cell Research Institute. (NO) – Wasteful. We have bigger more immediate issues to address. Completely lacking in oversight.,_Stem_Cell_Research_Institute_Bond_Initiative_(2020)

PROP 15: Tax on Commercial & Industrial Properties measured at market value. (NO) – California already has the highest taxes by state and huge spending on education (and we are still nowhere near the front of education performance). Businesses will up their flight from California and this will encourage changes to Prop 13 if passed.,_Tax_on_Commercial_and_Industrial_Properties_for_Education_and_Local_Government_Funding_Initiative_(2020)

PROP 16: Repeal Prop 209 Which prohibits the state from discriminating on the basis of sex, origin, ethnicity, etc. (NO). This bill is asking for a license to use sex, orientation, color, origin, ethnicity, as a reasoning for hiring & educating. In other-words, CA will no longer be an “equal opportunity employer.” Your mere skin color could be the deciding factor on if you get into Stanford Law in the name of “woke” social justice. This is the opposite of MLK’s Dream.,_Repeal_Proposition_209_Affirmative_Action_Amendment_(2020)

End the Super-Majority!

•PROP 17: Allows Current Parolees to Vote. (NO) – Parole is reserved for violent offenders including rapists, murderers, etc., who have exchanged their prison term for restricted freedom under supervision. Let them complete their parole on good terms before they have the power of the vote.,_Voting_Rights_Restoration_for_Persons_on_Parole_Amendment_(2020)

PROP 18: 17-Year Old Votes if 18 by the time of the general election. (Indifferent/NO) If a person is 18 by the time of the general election and they choose to vote, they should. If they are 17.5+ by the time of the Primary and they want to vote in said primary prior to the election, go for it. The concern here is a slippery slope to permitting 16 year olds to vote – a desire by the Left.,_Primary_Voting_for_17-Year-Olds_Amendment_(2020)

PROP 19: Changes Property Tax Rules. (NO). Extremely convoluted. While it favors real estate workers it also may harm localities that rely on local property taxes. Some parts are good but overall its far too convoluted.,_Property_Tax_Transfers,_Exemptions,_and_Revenue_for_Wildfire_Agencies_and_Counties_Amendment_(2020)

PROP 20: Changes current “misdemeanor” Offenses to Felony, Restricts Parole. (YES) Supported by some of the largest Police organizations, this law seeks to undue some of the damage done by Prop 47/57 and AB109. Makes laws like firearm theft and vehicle theft felonies (instead of misdemeanors depending on the value of the item). Returns some violent crimes to their property category – example: date rape, being slashed with a knife, etc.,_Criminal_Sentencing,_Parole,_and_DNA_Collection_Initiative_(2020)

PROP 21: Rent Control Authority Expansion. (NO) California has an obsession with housing yet it fails to realize the more it controls the numbers to more it harms housing prices by creating artificial scarcity. Rent control reduces the quality and quantity of housing. This is a failure of economics.,_Local_Rent_Control_Initiative_(2020)

Just don’t do a background check on your driver…lol

PROP 22: Lyft/Uber “Independent Contractor” Designation (YES) The issue is simple. If people want to work as independent contractors they should be able to. Forcing another business out of California is foolish. This also affect Doordash, Postmates, and Instacart.,_App-Based_Drivers_as_Contractors_and_Labor_Policies_Initiative_(2020)

PROP 23: Dialysis Requirements (NO). Forcing one on-site physician to oversee such centers is creating a fix for a problem that doesn’t exist. Forcing centers to seek state consent before closing is the key issue and a means to control where the state should not seek to do so.,_Dialysis_Clinic_Requirements_Initiative_(2020)

PROP 24: Consumer Privacy Amendment. (NO) How often do you see the ACLU and the Green Party join Republicans and Libertarians? More Bureaucracy where it is not needed. An attempted quick fix on a very complex issue.,_Consumer_Personal_Information_Law_and_Agency_Initiative_(2020)

Prop 25: Referendum on Bail. (NO) The Bail system is not perfect but it is not as arbitrarily subjective as the random whims of leftist judges like that in California. Bail reform laws all around the nation with similar changes have proven to be disastrous. Cash bail already sustains a risk assessment.,_Replace_Cash_Bail_with_Risk_Assessments_Referendum_(2020)

Re-classifying crime doesn’t stop crime


Trump / Pence – The chances that CA turns red are little to none, making it just a little more unlikely than it was for Trump to beat Clinton in 2016. As frustrating as the man can be, I vote for policies not personality.

I refuse to stand beside a part, platform, and candidate that seeks to murder babies up until the moment of birth – at the whims of a “mother’s” desire. I will not stand beside a party that promotes socialism, critical race theory, restricts religious freedoms, restricts freedom of speech, restricts gun rights, dismisses the Constitution.

Trump is an imperfect vessel but so am I. My vote for him doesn’t approve of his past infidelity or his future wrongs. It instead is a vote for the policies that stand for American principals and those that do not force a conflict with my Jude-Christian value (whereas the Left forces Christians to give up key beliefs in their faith or otherwise play a game of cognitive dissonance).

In 2016, I voted for Evan McMullin in protest of what I saw as a moderate-Democrat running as a Republican. For someone who considers themself a “Constitutional Conservative Independent” as I do – though I am registered Republican for sake of primaries – I have been so happy to be extremely wrong about the candidate I saw as the 16th of 16 Republican candidates to take on HRC. My candidate then (Ted Cruz) would have been steamrolled with today’s Left but even he now has learned to dish away the former overly polite character to one with a set of gonads to stand up to the Left.

My vote for Trump/Pence is a vote to Keep America from losing itself.

It’s okay to Love America