Office of the District Attorney : The Most Important Race You Haven’t Heard Of…

By Ken Gulley

How We Got Here

In their never-ceasing efforts to “fundamentally transform America,” Democrats have employed various means to achieve their goals.

In the recent past, when Liberalism still proudly existed among Democrats, ideas were passed through the legislative process as an outcome of the dutifully elected in our Constitutional Republic.

When these ideas turned to take on a more dogmatic form, absent of statistical and factual basis, they readily employed “judicial activism” in an attempt to legislate from the bench the ideas the values they could not pass in the chambers.

Judicial activism has not gone away and it wont any time soon but with hundreds of conservative (read: Originalist-style) federal Judges put in place by the Trump Administration, they’ll find themselves losing more battles than they win.

Where We Are Now

In steps the District Attorney. Whether it is the County or State Government position, the majority of public prosecutors are elected by the general public through a simple majority vote. Only four states appoint their prosecutors.

As they did with Judges, Leftists have activated their ideologically-friendly DA’s to usurp the authority of lawmakers by failing to laws the people (through the legislature) have enacted or by over-indulging and exaggerating the elements of laws to meet their political end.

The AG is the Federal DA

You’ve seen that a multitude of times in the City of Portland, their so-called “top cop” simply refusing to prosecute crimes and thereby promoting Leftist violence. DA Schmidts policies are directly responsible for the death of Aaron Danielson by an Antifa extremist in August.

While we focus on Portland, an image of Kamala Harris’ America – fast forwarded into the future, similar issues exist elsewhere. Consider San Francisco where burglaries go unpunished and have become so frequent they’re almost ignored. Un-ironically, Inside Edition filmed a burglary in broad daylight while filming a segment on burglaries.

Of course, you’re probably already aware of the other type of activist DA that openly targeted law enforcement in a sort of twisted version or revenger against past perceived injustices. Thankfully, in the case of Baltimore’s Mosby, police fought back.


DAs like this that fail to do their job – or openly attack police and politicize their work for their own personal gain – don’t only embolden criminals, they endanger police and the public, they encourage vigilanteism, and the discourage good proactive police investigations. After-all, why spend hours trying if its all for not?

The Heritage Foundation’s Charles Stimson and Zack Smith are covering the issue of “rogue” DA’s in a recent article. They wrote,

By refusing to hold criminals to account, Krasner and his ilk abuse the power of their offices and harm victims and their communities as a result…A straight line can often be drawn from their anti-cop attitudes and their radically dangerous policies to increases in violent crime. And in Krasner’s case, even to the death of a Philadelphia police officer.

While I echo the sentiments regard the dangers of their conduct, we on the Right need to actively engage in countering this assault on our communities. Further, we need to empower the communities themselves (especially the victims of this activism) to force DAs to be responsible for the resulting byproduct of their failures.

While it is easy to point to the ballot box and wait for election day, it is not always easy to delineate the office and person from the product. Afterall, isn’t it a prosecutors job to prosecute?

A Call to Action

“The prosecutor exercises the greatest discretion and power in the system. It is so important,” said Andrea Dew Steele, president of Emerge America, a candidate-training organization for Democratic women. “There’s been a confluence of events in the past couple years and all of the sudden, the progressive community is waking up to this.”

Masked in the undercurrent of verbose language, PAC money promising to promote “social justice”, “criminal justice reform”, and “racial justice equality” against so-called “systemic” issues, powerfully funded ideological groups have thrown millions of dollars at local prosecutor races.

Sith Lord Soros

While it’s somewhat obnoxious to pull out the names of dark nefarious sounding figures such as George Soros, the billionaire is in fact lurking in the background of many of these super PACs and social-justice based non-profits that supposedly promote racial justice.

From Philadelphia to San Francisco, everywhere Soros’ has gone, chaos has followed. This isn’t conspiracy theory material, it is the truth. Now his eye is set on the grandest prize, Los Angeles.

Lace Up Your Boots

America’s most populous County, Los Angeles boasts the largest District Attorney’s Office in the USA.

Already a liberal bastion, Los Angeles’ current DA, Jackie Lacey (D) has been a valiant stalwart against the hyper-partisan Progressive onslaught against police.

Jackie Lacey

Despite being a black female Democrat, Soros’ money groups have targeted Lacey as “not progressive enough.” So Soros has pulled out his big gun and ushered George Gascon to the call.

Quite literally. Like a game of Dominoes, Soros called Gascon to quit the San Francisco DA position. Already warmed up for a new radical to take power, Soros’ orders set-up Gascon to challenge Jackie Lacey in Los Angeles. And with a flick of his wallet, Soros’ plan fell in order.

The Architect of Proposition 47 & 57, two landmark laws that flipped California’s crime upside down, Gascon is a former LAPD officer and more importantly, former San Francisco DA.

Together Prop 47/57 promised to better fund education and decrease jail over-crowding but instead they have created chaos on the streets. Re-writing certain crimes and punishment for said crimes, the same person could steal $949 worth of product from the same store 3 days in a row and only receive a ticket (order to appear in court) for his misdemeanor. In other areas, some crimes have been re-defined to be listed official as “non-violent” including date rape. Yes, rape, hostage taking, human trafficking and more!

Lacey is currently struggling to keep up with funding for the race. Where Lacey is backed by countless of Law Enforcement Associations around the state (given the gravity of her office), Gascon is funded by Soros himself, then other billionaires like Reed Hastings (money champion for Critical Race Theory heroes), Patty Quillin and many Hollywood elites.

If you don’t think Soros’ DAs are extreme enough, consider who is currently sitting in office in San Francisco. Chesa Boudin.

Boudin served as a translator for Venezuelan Socialist-Dictator, Hugo Chavez. His parents were Weather Underground terrorists arrested for murder, later adopted by other members including Bill Ayers, and grandfather was a Marxist who was Fidel Castro’s attorney… Red flags? Yeah a few.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Officer race between Lacey and Gascon is the most important race you have never heard of among the most importance races you’ve never heard.

While I cannot vouch for all of the policies touted by Democrats, this one of of the rare few times I am going to implore you to vote Democrat – a sane Democrat – in Jackie Lacey. Sadly, this message particular part of the message is strictly for Los Angelenos. If you know any, please share this article to them or at least warn them of the danger that lurks with Gascon at the helm.


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