The Left’s Stranglehold on Culture

By Joshua Weigert
March 5th, 2021

Mark Shaver for The Chronicle

If you are a conservative, the headline of this article is a given fact.

If you are a centrist, apolitical, or consider yourself slightly Democrat, you probably mostly disagree with the notion that the Left-Wing has a stranglehold on American culture.

If you are a Leftist radical, you deny the premise outright and think the mere existence of humanity is victimizing you, POCs, LGBTQ+, and every other marginalized group.

Why is culture so important?

To put it simply, controlling the culture means controlling narratives and basic understandings of events and ideas. A relevant example is the idea of socialism. Only a few decades ago, American society primarily saw the political ideology of socialism as a negative. In a 1942 poll conducted by the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, only 25% of Americans viewed socialism positively (1). However, in a recent Gallup poll from 2019, 43% of respondents viewed socialism positively, a change of 18 points (1). Bernie Sanders’s rise, Hollywood pushing socialist narratives, BLM, and several other cultural trends has changed socialism’s favorability. If the favorability of socialism increases, the acceptance of socialist policies increases. American society is more accepting of socialism because of the cultural shift in attitude towards it.

How does the Left have control over culture?

All it takes is a simple look at the most potent cultural influences to determine that the Left does, in fact, control culture. We will look at the three cultural influences: the media, big-corporations, and sports/ entertainment.

The Media

If you are familiar with PROOF Blog, you would have seen at least one of our posts or articles discussing blatant media bias from outlets that claim to be objective. The issue isn’t that there are bias news organizations. That’s okay. The problem is that most of these news organizations pretend to be objective while carrying water for the Democratic party.

Take Washington Post writer and MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin, as an example. She vehemently opposed former-President Donald Trump at every turn, continually producing baseless articles claiming fascism, sexism, islamophobia, tyranny, and every other buzzword you can throw against President Trump. Rubin did not have to support Trump. That’s not the issue. However, judging by her tweets, she has zero intention of seriously investigating President Biden or writing opinionated articles discussing why the President is a tyrant. Does she not remember that it was only just days ago where President Biden authorized an airstrike in Syria, killing 22 people?

What about Politico’s front page cover the morning after Biden’s airstrike in Syria? Not a single article about the controversial airstrike, while the three main stories were all Republican-oriented.

It’s almost as if they don’t want you to see the Biden Presidency’s controversial aspects. Had this strike been under President Trump, this would have been front-page news at Politico. President Trump’s strike against Iranian top-official Qasem Soleimani was news for weeks. Claims of authoritarianism, a potential war with Iran, and several other extreme takes were levied against the Trump administration. Last week’s strike? Silence.

Big Corporations

Over the last few weeks, there hasn’t been a shortage of large corporations moving to appease the Leftist mob.

In an effort to show solidarity with the trans movement, Oreo tweeted, “Trans people exist” on their Twitter account. Oreo did this in order to gain points from the SJW mob.

Coca-cola also attempted to win SJW points by forcing employees to attend an online racist diversity training program that encouraged participants to “be less white.”

In an effort to avoid angering the Leftist mob, Amazon decided to remove conservative Ryan Anderson’s book “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement.” The book was critical of gender theory and argued its merits. Amazon appears to be de-platforming conservative groups on the grounds of “hate speech.”

And lastly, our favorite plastic spheroid, Mr. Potato Head, had been canceled. In an effort to be more inclusive, the “Mr. Potato Head” brand is changing its name to “Potato Head,” dropping the “Mr.” in its title.

These moves were all made to grandstand and appease the Leftist mob. They know that the most charged and violent demographic is this group. We are living in a time where big corporations only promote SJW narratives and never any conservative ideals.

Sports and Entertainment

In what was one of the most talked-about firings in recent times, Gina Carano, the actress who played Cara Dune in the Star Wars spinoff show “The Mandalorian,” was fired from Disney and Lucasfilm for “insensitive” social media posts. In actuality, nothing about what Carano posted was in any way offensive for someone with a functioning prefrontal cortex. That didn’t stop Disney and Lucasfilm from demanding Carano apologize, meet with LGBTQ+ advocates and leaders, meet with a PR firm, as well as removing her from “The Mandalorian” promotions and media events (2). Disney has already shoehorned SJW narratives in their films. Whether it was a detour planet in “Star Wars Episode VIII” that allowed characters to complain about capitalism or the potshots at white people during their Marvel films like “Black Panther,” Dinsey has gone above and beyond in order to win points with the SJW mob.

During the summer, the NBA and its players led a BLM demonstration that lasted the shortened “bubble” season. As a result of George Floyd’s death, NBA players, coaches, and game officials took a knee during the American anthem to protest against “racial injustice” and police brutality. Players wore “Black Lives Matter” shirts during warm-ups, were able to choose SJW slogans on their jerseys instead of their names, and the league had “Black Lives Matter” written around the courts.

Then in early September, NBA players boycotted their games due to the (justified) shooting of Jason Blake. NBA players felt that this was the moment where they should perpetuate leftist narratives by spewing rhetoric in pre and post-game interviews. Further emphasis was put on kneeling for the anthem, as it became a staple of the NBA and many other sports leagues worldwide.

The NBA and its players had no issue peddling left-wing talking points yet refused to condemn actual abuses directly related to them.

LeBron James, the league’s most famous player, has been vocal about his thoughts towards police violence, Donald Trump, and the issues relating to black Americans. He claims he “would never shut up about things that are wrong,” yet was shockingly (or perhaps not shockingly) quiet when it came to China’s genocide towards the Uiygyur population. Not only was he silent, but he condemned the then Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey for criticizing China.

It seems as though the NBA and its players have no issues regurgitating Leftist talking-points but have an issue condemning actual injustices in the world. The NBA and its players would never push a conservative narrative, as the SJW mob would react negatively to any such thing. The NBA has clearly succumbed to the Left.

What Do We Do?

Maybe the better question is, what can YOU do? Well, it is relatively simple; stop supporting these corporations and entities. Stop giving them your money. Stop giving them your time. Stop allowing them to kick you and your beliefs at every given chance. You can support conservative companies or companies that do not espouse Leftist doctrine. This is easier said than done, I know. But you CAN cancel that Disney+ subscription. You CAN refuse to watch the latest installment of the Marvel franchise. You CAN pick another toy for your child. You CAN refuse to watch the NBA. These are all things you can do. When conservatives like you and I group together and boycott these companies, it does hurt them. Will it hurt them enough to change policies? Maybe not. But allowing ourselves to be controlled by these entities is just as bad as them implementing their Leftist policies.