COVID-19 And Mainstream Media Distrust

By Joshua Weigert
February 14, 2020

I cannot remember a time I distrusted the mainstream media as much as I do with the COVID-19 coverage. I remember the Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation debacle. I remember Trump/Russia collusion. I remember Trump obstruction charges. I also remember Trump impeachment 2019.

I understand the new political game with all the aforementioned news stories.

I understand the new political game with all the aforementioned news stories.

The Kavanaugh confirmation was to prevent a conservative SCOTUS. The Trump/Russia collusion was actually an attempt (at first) to investigate allegations of wrongdoing. The obstruction charges, although far thinner than the collusion case, was another attempt to catch Trump in some sort of wrongdoing. Although Trump’s conduct wasn’t great or ideal by any stretch, Trump Impeachment 2019 was a last-ditch effort by the Democrats and the media to oust Trump from office for what they deemed as impeachable offenses.

However, what is the rationale behind the media’s hysterical, lying, manipulative, disingenuous, and China-sympathizing news coverage?
The only rationale I can find is this: Orange man bad.

That’s it.

During a pandemic and a time of public panic, the media (as well as the Democrats) think only about how they can criticize and ridicule every little aspect of Trump’s response to the pandemic.

First, we have “woke” members of the mainstream media like Chris Cuomo, Jim Acosta and Don Lemon claiming that adding “Wuhan” and/or “China” to coronavirus is actually racist. Besides the fact that the mainstream media has and continues to in fact add both Wuhan and China to labeling this virus, claiming it’s racist to add Wuhan or China whiling referring to this virus is absurd. German Measles, Ebola, Lyme Disease, MERS, West Nile Virus and so many more are all illnesses we named after the area it originated from. This is the latest attempt to label and deem anything and everything Trump says or does as racist.

This virus started in Wuhan, China. It has become a global crisis because China stifled and lied about information pertaining to this virus. They restricted and/or outright barred doctors and health officials from talking about it. This is a crisis because of China. Arguing against this simple fact is just communist-China propaganda.

Next you have a Politico article where Bernie Sanders claims that the deaths from coronavirus could be on par with World War II. This is irresponsible as well as insulting to not only our intelligence, but to the lives lost in World War II. No, this virus, as it currently stands, will NOT be anywhere near the extremes Bernie claims it could be. Again, this is an attempt to scare the public and turn public opinion against President Trump. It’s blatant fear-mongering.

The common criticism of not only the mainstream media, but celebrities like Stephen King, is that President Trump’s coronavirus response team is all male and not diverse enough.

This is a blatant lie.

It’s hard to understand why diversity is especially important in a virus response team? Does the virus care if there is a non-gender defining Muslim little-person on the team? Would this super oppressed person find a cure that a white male couldn’t? The obsession from the left and mainstream media with race, ethnicity, gender and any other social group is incredibly tiring and confusing. Does Stephen King plan on turning down book deals in the effort to promote visible minorities and/or women? I seriously doubt it. Again, this is a cheap attempt to undermine President Trumps response to this virus.

You know who disagrees with Brian Stelter about the European travel ban? Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield. Instead of sharing Stelter’s own ideas and thoughts about solutions to this problem, Stelter, Acosta and others in the mainstream media attempt to score political points by criticizing every action taken by the Trump administration. President Trump’s own scientific experts agree that a travel ban is a good idea. Logically, in order to stop the influx of new cases, it’s probably a good idea to prevent any more persons with the virus to enter the country. But yet again, this is an attempt to undermine anything and everything President Trump does.

If your first thought during a global pandemic is “how can I dunk on President Trump” or “does this hurt President Trump”, you’re doing compassion, civility and being a respectable human-being wrong. This is why trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low. I only wish the folks in the mainstream media realize this.