No, calling it "Wuhan" or "Chinese" virus is NOT racist

By Joshua Weigert
March 22, 2020

For the past week or so, the mainstream media, leftist celebrities and several Democrat politicians have been parroting a narrative that President Trump and others who refer to COVID-19 as “Wuhan” or “Chinese” virus, are racists.

Their contention is that calling the virus these things fuels racism. They claim that it suggests that Asians, or Asian-Americans, are “others” and are to be blamed for this pandemic. This in turn puts them at risk for victimization and race-incited attacks.

It’s interesting what the left deems as inflammatory rhetoric.

Calling the NRA and pro-Second Amendment activists terrorist and extremists? Not inflammatory.

Blaming straight white men for all of America’s problems? Not inflammatory.

Calling President Trump and his supporters evil and racists? No inflamatoria.

Referring to a virus which originated in China and has been causing havoc worldwide “Chinese”/ “Wuhan”? INFLAMMATORY!

Elizabeth Warren went so far as to actually censor the word “Chinese” in her quote tweet of President Trump.

Here’s the thing, no one thinks that Chinese Americans are to blame for the coronavirus. It appears that those who think that it is racist don’t have the ability to understand that this is in reference to the Chinese communist government, and not Chinese as an ethnicity. China has been actively hindering the world’s efforts to solve this pandemic by misinformation, lies and withholding vital information from the rest of the world.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) argued against calling it “Chinese virus” because they claim “there is no blame in this”.

This is patently false. China IS to blame.

This is also from the same organization that believed the Chinese government when they told them that COVID-19 wasn’t transmittable person to person.

The whole point of referring to the virus as coming from China is to combat their communist propaganda blaming the US for the virus, and to remind the world that China lied about the virus. If they had told the truth we would not be in this state of crisis. Claiming that it’s racist to call this virus “Chinese”, or refusing to blame China for this pandemic is parroting Chinese communist propaganda. The Chinese government destroyed documents and lab samples, silenced critics and arrested whistle-blower doctors.

Celebrities and political talking heads seem to be blaming everyone BUT China.

Blaming bats? Did the bats decide to jump in a pot of bat soup? Did the bats supress information about the virus? Did the bats lie to the world about the virus?

Blaming New York City? Yes, you got it in New York City. But where did New York City get it from I wonder?

China, the country that locks Uighur Muslims in concentration camps, forces women to have abortions and where free speech and expression is non-existent, has the nerve to call the United States “racist” and the mainstream media and leftist celebrities are parroting their talking points. What is going on here?

The mainstream media themselves have called this virus “Chinese” and “Wuhan”. They know what they’re doing. This isn’t about if they actually think it’s racist, they know it isn’t. This is an active campaign to undermine President Trump and his efforts to manage this crisis.

A multitude of other viruses and illnesses are named after geographical locations. Ebola, Spanish Flu, German Flu, and several others are names of illnesses we use in everyday language.

Now, leftists are trying to rename historical pandemics and viruses.

Would these celebrities have an issue calling a virus coming from Tennessee as “Tennessee Flu”? The answer is that they would find no issue naming it this.

So in short, no, calling COVID-19 “Chinese” or “Wuhan” virus is NOT racist.