Penitence Not Required

George Floyd wasn’t a perfect man, but none of us are. Floyd does not need to be perfect to accept the fact that his death was a horrible tragedy and injustice at the hands of a government agent.

With that in mind, I would like to dispel with the idea that you must agree with all of the BLM narrative and become an activist, otherwise “if you are silent you are complicit / racist / etc.”

How Black Conservatives are Often Treated

I’m black.

My ethnic makeup should not give greater credence to what I am saying as long as my statements are sound wisdom.

But in today’s world, it’s all too important.

Know this, If you go on your merry life quietly living without ever becoming an “activist” but instead you treat you neighbor with love and respect regardless of what they look like – I won’t judge you.

In fact, I think you’ll do more good than most people ever will from their social media soap boxes.

Don’t get me wrong, proactively fighting racism is a good thing. Taking an anti-racist activist position is a good thing. Fighting evil in all its forms is honorable.

But the forceful condemnation of the passive, quiet, or even the ignorant is tiresome. I won’t demand that you declare some virtuous position for sake of acceptance. Doing such will only lead to a war of virtue signaling that demands more.

The Golden rule satisfies all calls for equality.

As a black man, as a human being, and as an American, all I ask of you is to be treated with love and respect. I do not demand the groveling penitence of self-flagellation that is being required of everyone to atone for past sins of which you have never partaken.

Remember the Golden rule and honor God.

  • KG