President Trump Nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett May Be The Best Political Move He’s Ever Done

By Joshua Weigert
September 26th, 2020

Judge Amy Coney Barret

Only moments ago, President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States.

The nomination isn’t much of a surprise, as Barrett was linked with the nomination back in 2018 before Brett Kavanaugh was eventually nominated. The media seemed to also be tipped off of the nomination pick earlier in the week, so by the time the President officially announced it, it was more of a formality.

I will not try to hide the fact that I am a big supporter of this nomination from the President. Barrett is a strong supporter of the Constitution, and a defender of the lives of babies in the womb.

What’s so great about this pick is that I don’t see very many options as to how the Democrats can attack her. So far, the angle of attack I’ve seen by the Democrats is that it is an election year, meaning the “new” President should fill the vacant pick.

Will they go for personal attacks like they did with Kavanaugh? Likely.

Will they make a production out of this nomination? Very Likely.

Will they maybe tone down their rhetoric and doomsday propaganda? Very Unlikely.

But, what could they possibly attack her with?

If they attack her because of her Catholocism, that would surely alienate the Catholics in the party.

Barrett is a successful woman, so the “white male” angle is unavailable to the Democrats. We know they won’t attack her based on her sex, purely because of the optics of doing so.

The only real avenue of attack the Democrats have is her pro-life stance. If we thought the nomination of Kavanaugh had a large part to do with Roe v Wade, we’ve seen nothing yet.

However, this isn’t even really a successful line of attack. The Democrats needed something else to attack Kavanaugh with besides Roe v Wade. That is why they created the false narratives that Kavanaugh was a serial rapist.

Would Roe v Wade be enough for the Democrats to attack Barrett over?

If we assume the Democrats are going to attack Barrett over Roe v Wade, the logical counter-argument is her Catholic beliefs and faith. If the Democrats keep pushing, persuasive secular arguments, like when is a baby a baby, can be made. Are the Democrats really willing to go all-in and attack a woman on prime-time television because of her faith? Or, are the Democrats really willing to give Barrett such a massive stage for both the religious and secular argument against abortion?

They either go all-in and attack her over her Catholic faith and look like anti-religious zealots, alienating any shred of religious persons in the Democrat Party, or they roll-over and allow this nomination without much fight, alienating the extreme leftists in the party.

This is really a no-win scenario for the Democrats.

Either way, we know the next few weeks are going to be edge of your seat type of entertaining.