2020 Hindsight

What a year.

Hello Patriots, first and foremost, thank you for sticking with us as we battled the biased media, nefarious social media agents, and the rabid Left.

All those things alone are enough but then 2020 brought us BLM/ANTIFA rioting, COVID-19, the Lockdowns, Impeachment, Wildfires, Iran conflict, the Election and more.

To say that this was exhausting is an understatement. All of us here at TPB took a step back after the elections and took a month and a half off from long form posts – focusing mainly on keeping up with day-to-day news.

That was temporary of course, as I break the ice on our website with a notice of what is to come.

As I looked back on the outcome of the election – my heart strained not for the loss of some figurehead, rather for the idea of what the Left might do to America. My concern was immediately focused on raising my little boy and the second child currently in the oven. What kind of world will I raise them in? What can I do to respond and push back against the chaos? Will America whither away under the Left’s ridiculous ideals?

The Left

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Thats my response and I hope it is yours. We have a lot to talk about in 2021. Whether it be as America’s loyal opposition to the Executive as Constitutional Conservatives or the world’s Faithful enemy as we stand with Christ.

This year we will be exploring new mediums: live interviews, videos, merchandise, and working toward podcasting.

We currently exist on various social media platforms including:

In a challenge to ourselves, our brother GKC asked, what makes us different from other Conservative blogs?

To answer that question, I’ll borrow from my brother J. Sutherlin who noted that we at TPB were geared toward honest, insightful and thought provoking articles. This brother hilarious had a whole discussion about our blog at his Thanksgiving dinner table, with his family not knowing that the blog creator (hello) was his close friend and former patrol partner.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we have helped others in the foundation of their ideology, changed minds, strengthened resolve, and encouraged many. I have received a dozen or so messages from friends and strangers saying just that.

My buddy R. Williams from work stated, “I go to you guys for news because you’re consistently keen on identifying the issue and bringing it home without going off into conspiracy.”

Break away from MSM

I have pride in the fact that we aim to be honest a even correcting ourselves and/or opposing those we frequently agree with. We are not always first in reporting (our aim in commentary first not reporting). We are openly biased to the Conservative-Right and do not pretend to be otherwise but we do not fear open and honest fact-based investigations that lead to the Truth. I believe biased news pretending to be neutral is more dangerous than fake news. Fake news can be uncovered – biased news sways unsuspecting minds.

Our goal will continue to be, “Clear, Reasoned, Conservatism.”

We hope you enjoy whats to come. Please take a moment to hear from my brothers, JW, GKC, and CH. – Ken Gulley (KG)


As always, breaking the spin and exposing the truth behind the media’s lies will remain a focus for me for the coming year. In addition, highlighting the stories that they refuse to give attention to, and showing the truth. I also want to try and make sure to show some good news, a greater focus I hoped on faith, and provide tools that can help everyone to think for themselves and break the grip that propaganda has on anyone that we can. I will continue to prove we have no proofreaders, and post the occasional off-topic change of pace article.



In a way, all times are uncertain times, but the present in America seems especially so. Now more than ever, we need to know what we can have faith in – what is true, what is false, and what building the Kingdom of God looks like. In the new year, I will continue to look at hard questions, challenge old assumptions, and encourage you to live out godly convictions and have the courage to walk like Jesus. You need your faith in God to navigate this time – but your friends, family, and neighbors need your faith as well. So let’s be lights on lampstands this year, and here’s to starting 2021 strong, whatever it brings.



As another year closes, we at PROOF Blog want to thank you for all your support this year.

It has been a challenging year for everyone. Sickness, loss, government restrictions, we’ve all experienced these in one form or another.

My hope for this year is that the world, somehow, goes back to what we would call “normal”. There are some in government who would like for these restrictions to last. We here at PROOF Blog vow to highlight these people and shed a light on their schemes.

This year has been tough for this page, as we have been targeted and restricted by Facebook numerous times. However we still grew considerably and will continue to grow with your help.

Thank you all again, and have a Happy New Year!

– JW