The End of a Republic

By CH.

Roman Coliseum/Detroit’s Woodward Presbyterian Church

First, let me say I’m not supporting the violent actions of January 6th, 2021. This is just what I think is happening or going to happen. I love the constitution and pray we can continue in this constitutional republic until the Lord comes back. 

However, I don’t think the Republic has much more than a decade or two left, barring a miraculous intervention by the Lord. And these events are only a symptom, and a minor one at that, of that decay. 

John adams once said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

We have been so focused on protecting the constitution for the people that we have forgotten what kind of people we have for the constitution. 

We have been so focused on protecting the constitution for the people that we have forgotten what kind of people we have for the constitution. 

The sad reality is that all nations eventually fall, and ours has been teetering for decades. It’s hard to pinpoint when, exactly we went over the edge, but I think it occurred in the aftermath of 9/11. In a moment when Americans could have turned to God, they instead became secularized and sectarian. Half the country wanted to wipe every Muslim off the earth, and the other half wanted to capitulate to everything the Muslims asked, and both of these were done in an effort to avoid a recurrence of 9/11. 

The rhetoric became unhinged, with people threatening GWB, like Cindy Sheehan, being hailed as heroes. Media celebrities, like Kanye 1.0 going all in with racist rhetoric and the general vile nature of the insults hurled at GWB was off the charts, and the attempt to give an “October surprise” against Bush with a fake memo gave birth to widespread distrust of the mainstream media that had already been in steep decline since the Clinton era at best.

The right tried to take the high road by not personally insulting Obama at the first, partly out of fear of being labeled racist, and partly because of a sense of “higher ground.” However, by Obama’s second term, after Benghazi, the countless Christians thrown in jail for praying or raising money to oppose him, and numerous scandals that the media swept completely under the rug, he eventually riled up enough people to create a very angry undercurrent. An undercurrent that became stronger when Hillary became the nominee, with her already widely disliked personality, the two currents combined to sweep Trump into the White House. 

Now, what used to be sly, subtle, and manipulative fake news against Bush/for Obama and Hillary, now became openly opposed to Trump. We all saw the last four years worth of fake news with our own eyes so I don’t need to go into detail here. 

The end result, before 2020 even started, you had a strong core of leftists who were very angry for all the things they perceived that Trump did, even repeating the lies and misquotes verbatim, as if they were true, most believing them to be really true. 

And an opposite strong core of Trumpists who would hang on his every word. 

The middle became more divided too. “Normal” left people were berated for not hating every Republican. “Normal” conservatives were called cucks, spineless, and many other names for daring to say “actually, I’m not agreeing with Trump on this one issue”. 

Trying to figure out what media to trust became nearly impossible.

And then, the Rona hit. We watched in real time as the media, and social media jumped to a new position every time Trump took a position. If he said to mask, the media said not to mask up. If he said to lockdown, the media declared he didn’t have that power. If he said he didn’t have the power to lockdown, the media said he was weak and ineffective. You could write the next hours fake news headlines just by watching the daily press briefings, and writing the opposite of whatever Trump actually said.

Months of lockdowns, with no end in sight, with moving goalposts, with governors saying “we just have to do this for the next 2 weeks” every few weeks has lead to people being depressed, angry, stir crazy and afraid. Cut off from their sources of stability. Especially from church, which science has shown to help the most in fending off depression.

Adding to that, the only acceptable activities, that didn’t seem to get you ostracized for “killing grandma” during a pandemic came down to two things, 1) being a democrat politician who actually sent sick people into nursing homes, and actually killed grandma, and 2) rioting on behalf of criminals.

Trump didn’t cause this sentiment, this would have happened had Hillary won, also. The division was already there.

The scary part is, what’s next? When the inevitable comes, will we Balkanize? Small sections of the country each breaking off into their own nations? Will we morph into a National dictatorship of one form or another? Will that dictatorship be a benevolent one, one that, at first, at least, governs as best it can under the freedoms and rights of the constitution, just without the governmental structure? 

Or something much worse, something like China, or NK. 

And what does that mean for the rest of the world? It’s often been said that, once freedom is lost here, there’s nowhere else to go. A lot of nations haven’t enacted draconian measures, though they could, for fear of the reprisal from the USA, but without our superpower status as a beacon of freedom, who is to stop the borderline nations from enacting what they truly want? 

That’s the how. Now for the true why? 

Because of two things: 

  1. We (as a nation) deserve this wrath for the slaughter of children in abortion. 
  2. That wrath has been delayed by God, for 40+ years so far. It’s fitting that it’s 40 years, if you know what that means in the bible, but it’s also, I believe, because of the WW2 generation. God promised blessings upon those who come to the aid of Israel, and nobody in modern history came to their aid greater than the USA in WW2. For that, we have been blessed with avoiding God’s wrath for our many national sins. The youngest of the WW2 generation is 94. They won’t be around much longer. The blessing upon this nation that we are reaping the benefit of will wear off, unless we repent as a nation, like Nineveh, I don’t see how we can go unpunished.